Project Profile : Somalia

Project Spotlight: Somalia

As part of a broader international effort, Bancroft Global Development provides a package of mentoring services to the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM), and through AMISOM to the Somali government. For more than ten years, Bancroft has helped to develop capability, improve readiness and effectiveness, and support disarmament and stabilization efforts while reducing casualties. Bancroft Global Development also provides a range of public health, epidemiology, trauma medicine, and veterinarian services, and funds and oversees a number of mobile clinics throughout the country. During the same period, Bancroft Global Investments has made entrepreneurial investments in Somalia, becoming one of the country’s largest real estate investors and developers.

At present, Bancroft has several facilities, including the Mogadishu International Campus, which houses government officials, NGO representatives, and other members of the international community. Bancroft Global Investments’ commercial enterprises support income generation through the hiring of local workers and the procurement of equipment and materials through local sources. The resulting security gains and infrastructure improvements help to create a virtuous cycle that has greatly enhanced Somalia’s prospects for sustained stability and social and economic development.