Bancroft personnel have conducted and overseen development and investment programs in austere and high risk environments in more than two dozen countries, including: Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia, Burma, Burundi, Chad, Columbia, Croatia, Egypt, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Peru, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Uganda, Western Sahara and Yemen.

Bancroft management successfully engages on all levels of its projects in conflict zones while empowering staff initiative on the local level. A representative list of personnel is below:

Melissa Bates (Strategic Affairs)

Marc Frey (Strategic Affairs)

Wojciech Gorski (Peacekeeping & Security Sector Reform)

Ingemar Gustavsson (Medicine & Public Health)

Gregory Joachim (African Affairs & Strategic Affairs)

Dr. James Kiyengo (Medicine & Public Health)

Richard Rouget (African Affairs & Governance)

JD Stevens (Peacekeeping & Security Sector Reform)

Michael Stock (Strategic Affairs)

Fritz Sundermann (Peacekeeping & Explosives Management)

Richard Todd (Emeritus; Asian Affairs & Peacekeeping)

M.J. “Rocky” Van Blerk (Peacekeeping & Explosives Management)

Laurent Vionnet (Arms Control & Explosives Management)