Where is Bancroft Global Development active?

Bancroft Global Development has worked in countries across Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. At present, much of Bancroft Global Development’s activity is focused on Africa, predominantly in Somalia. Over 100 Bancroft personnel are engaged in stabilization and capacity-building efforts, including governance advice, explosives management, and delivery of medical services.

How is Bancroft Global Development related to Bancroft Global Investments?

Bancroft Global Development and Bancroft Global Investments are separate legal entities. They have certain leadership positions in common. Bancroft Global Development is a special limited partner in Bancroft Global Investments and it also has financial interests in select Bancroft Global Investments holdings. Cumulatively, the Bancroft entities protect the assets of the not-for-profit while introducing otherwise unobtainable capital to fragile economies most in need of direct investment.

What is “special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council”?

Consultative status is a selective process through which the UN Economic and Social Council (Council) establishes relationships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These organizations provide information and advice to the Council on subjects related to their expertise. In return, NGOs with consultative status can express views at official UN gatherings and influence the work of the Council and its subsidiary bodies.

Where does Bancroft Global Development get its funding?

Bancroft is registered in the United States as a 501c3 charitable organization. The largest single contributor to Bancroft’s activities is the U.S. Department of State. Other important sources of support include the United Nations and returns generated by Bancroft Global Investments.

Can Bancroft Global Development provide protection or security services to my organization?

No. Bancroft Global Development provides training, mentoring, and other forms of capacity building. Where vital to shared interests, Bancroft may advise partner organizations on arrangements for protective services, but it does not provide security guards or protection services.



What’s in the portfolio of Bancroft Global Investments?

Bancroft Global Investments has certain holdings in real property, commercial aviation, land and sea freight, and construction.

How can I invest with Bancroft Global Investments?

Bancroft Global Investments does not accept unsolicited proposals.



How can I work for Bancroft?

Bancroft does not accept unsolicited applications for employment. When job openings arise, Bancroft invites qualified candidates to apply. Qualified candidates will be well established and highly regarded in their respective fields. In addition to overall maturity, integrity, and judgment, qualified candidates are distinguished by the characteristics most valuable in mentors: congeniality, responsibility, and exceptional technical expertise.



Can Bancroft help my organization with lodging, transportation, or other support services?

Certain Bancroft Global Investments holdings provide lodging and logistical support to public and private sector organizations. For more information, please contact: information@bancroftglobal.com.