About Bancroft

Bancroft has managed complex projects in conflict zones across three continents for more than 15 years. Bancroft is composed of two distinct entities: Bancroft Global Development and Bancroft Global Investments.

Bancroft Global Development is a multinational, not-for-profit nongovernment organization that implements stabilization initiatives in conflict zones. Through ground-up, citizen-focused education and mentoring, Bancroft Global Development creates conditions that allow individuals to transcend basic survival needs and participate in establishment of culturally appropriate civil order and rule of law. Drawing on its own capital, and augmented by public and private sector contributions, Bancroft’s stabilization efforts help to transform armed conflict zones into fertile ground for legitimate commercial enterprises consistent with local values, culture, and goals.

Bancroft Global Investments is a profit-making limited partnership that allocates capital to create or scale commercial enterprises in unstable environments, principally in those markets in which Bancroft Global Development is active. Importantly, Bancroft Global Investments is responsible for managing certain financial assets of Bancroft Global Development.

The relationship between Bancroft Global Investments and Bancroft Global Development guarantees that a successful stabilization initiative increases the overall flow of resources to Bancroft, ensuring interventions do not become ends unto themselves. Thus, Bancroft’s incentives are in line with its goals and the organization is naturally motivated to pursue outcome-oriented and minimally invasive methods. The Bancroft model contrasts with current conventional development or humanitarian efforts, which are often perversely incentivized: continued funding typically depends on prolonged conflict and worsening human misery.