Bancroft personnel have conducted and overseen development and investment programs in austere and high risk environments in more than two dozen countries, including: Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia, Burma, Burundi, Chad, Columbia, Croatia, Egypt, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Peru, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Uganda, Yemen and Western Sahara.

Bancroft management successfully engages on all levels of its projects in conflict zones while empowering staff initiative on the local level. A representative list of personnel is below:

Melissa Bates (Strategic Affairs)

George Davoine (Security Sector Reform & Governance)

Marc Frey (Strategic Affairs)

Wojciech Gorski (Peacekeeping & Security Sector Reform)

Ingemar Gustavsson (Medicine & Public Health)

Susan Helseth (Arms Control & Explosives Management)

Gregory Joachim (African Affairs & Strategic Affairs)

Dr. James Kiyengo (Medicine & Public Health)

Susanna Larsson (Medicine & Public Health)

Richard Rouget (African Affairs & Governance)

Whitney Shinkle (Education & Civil Society)

JD Stevens (Peacekeeping & Security Sector Reform)

Michael Stock (Strategic Affairs)

Fritz Sundermann (Peacekeeping & Explosives Management)

Richard Todd (Emeritus; Asian Affairs & Peacekeeping)

M.J. “Rocky” Van Blerk (Peacekeeping & Explosives Management)

Laurent Vionnet (Arms Control & Explosives Management)