Bancroft Global Development

Bancroft Global Development

Bancroft Global Development’s purpose is to help develop and aboutdeliver permanent solutions to the economic, environmental, and societal harm caused by armed conflict and the hazardous remnants of war. In practice, Bancroft’s objectives often require demilitarizing civilian society as a necessary precondition to capacity-building initiatives. Thus Bancroft pursues multifaceted approaches to removing military or improvised weapons from civilian populations and reducing the influence of non-official armed groups while building the ability of local institutions to provide effective governance and deliver critical social services. This combination is necessary to achieve meaningful stabilization and economic growth.


Relying on local assets, resources, and expertise, Bancroft’s capacity-building and stabilization methods are minimally invasive and outcome-oriented. They encompass a broad spectrum:alternative vocational training for former or nascent combatants; professionalization of formal security sector actors; and strategic mentoring of government and private sector leaders who aim to break the cycle of violence.

Drawing on its own capital managed by Bancroft Global Investments, and augmented by public and private sector contributions, Bancroft Global Development’s stabilization efforts help to transform populations suffering from armed conflict into fertile ground for a legitimate commercial enterprises consistent with local values, culture, and goals.

Bancroft Global Development holds special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council.